1:1 COaching Programme


Are you ready to step up your game, get serious and really invest in what you do?

Would you like to do that whilst simultaneously creating more ease and calm for you and your family? 

Do you have a feeling you are capable of earning more money than you currently do? Perhaps more than you ever have?

Are you full of ideas but feel like you have no time to get them done, no idea where to start?

Are you ready to really look at what is holding you back and let it go? Move forward with proper momentum.


How about 6 months of focusing on you, your business and where you want to be.

We’ll pick apart what doesn’t work for you and we’ll create the rules that do, entirely your rules!

We’ll get up close and personal with your big dreams, your ambitions, your money goals, even the ones that scare you, especially the ones that scare you!

We’ll reconcile the balance you want with the life you want. And good god, I will give you the very best shot of confidence there is. Enable you to truly believe in what you can achieve and to find the path to do it. Shit is about to get real!

How about we make a plan? We supercharge your momentum. Paralysis gone, movement found. Those ideas you had unfolding before your eyes. Clarity and Confidence are yours for the taking.

Charlotte Feed back pic PNG.png
Working with Ray has unlocked the me that’s always been fighting to get out. Ray has given me confidence and clarity that I have been craving for so long. I look forward to our calls, I can only describe the experience as life changing. Everyone should have a Ray Dodd.
— Charlotte Jacklin, Betty Magazine
Ray has made me pull stuff apart and and get inside and underneath it. She has helped me get realigned with who I am, who I want to be and how I want to live my life and create a business that reflects all of those things. I have renewed confidence, I am happy again, I am motivated and I am SO EXCITED by what’s coming up.
— Rosina Sharrock, Social Media Coach
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The details...

  • Some written exercises before we start off so we can get that clarity happening straight away.
  • 2 Strategy Days  - we’ll meet up in person, just the two of us.  You’ll leave with practical mindset tips as well as the next steps you need to take to move towards your big goals as well as your small ones. 
  • Bi - Weekly Video Calls to keep you focused and accountable
  • A private Facebook group for just us. You can share your journey and ask questions. You’ll have unlimited access to me.
  • Access to ALL of my E Courses including my signature course 'Finding Your Space + The Magic of Claiming it'. 
  • An Emotional Intelligence Session with Jackie Bullivant
  • Plus a bucket load of real honesty. support and clarity

Sound good? Email me for info or book a call with me to chat it through