It’s Time to take

Up your SPace




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    Encouraging women to stop making themselves small, to stop apologising for existing, and to stop holding themselves back from pursuing their dreams, Ray is an empowerment sensation.
    — Happiful Magazine

    Taking up space means showing up in the world exactly as you are.

    It’s about peeling off layers of expectation, shame, unworthiness and fear that often shroud who we really are. We live in a world full of instagram-worthy quotes encouraging us to ‘be ourselves’ but if it was that easy wouldn’t we already be doing it? 

    Do you have dreams that you are too scared to really own? Do you find yourself caught in cycles of not charging your worth? Do you struggle to act on the many (many!) ideas you have? Do you feel like you are the only one thinking this way?

    Trust me. It’s not just you. 

    I help women just like you get comfortable with who they are. And I am beyond passionate about the impact that women showing up exactly as they are can have on the world.

    We are talking planet altering stuff: a world full of empathetic women who acknowledge that not only are they worthy of pursuing their dreams, but they are worthy of doing that while honouring who they are. Introverts and extroverts alike. Taking up their space and allowing and inspiring those around them to do the very same.

    Ray Dodd, I don’t know where to start, but you are a beautiful kick up my arse, in the nicest possible way’
    — Carmen Pagor
    Working with Ray has unlocked the me that’s always been fighting to get out. Ray has given me confidence and clarity that I have been craving for so long. I look forward to our calls, I can only describe the experience as life changing, everyone should have a Ray Dodd.
    — Charlotte Jacklin
    I’ve never felt closer to the person I’ve been waiting to be. In fact, I am her now - and it was easy. Ray asked me to step into it so I did. I stopped putting it off until I was rich, thin, pretty, cool, perfect, successful enough and just became her.

    I take up my space and I finally say out loud the things I thought impossible because of nothing but bullshit handed out and handed down. I’ve broken cycles, leaned in and been more honest with myself than I have in a long time.
    — Emma Brammer, Mokapot Copy
    Ray’s uncanny knack of asking just the right questions at exactly the right time, and the amazing community of women she has gathered around her no-nonsense, down to earth approach to coaching, has really shifted some of the stuff I felt was holding me back. I feel freed up to try some new things that scare the living hell out of me, instead of being stuck and wishing I could just get over my self-limiting beliefs. Thanks to Ray’s guidance and the openness of the women she works with, I’m excited to see what I do next.
    — Sam Maher