Are you ready to step into who you are?

To really claim your space and to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be? The woman that really, you already are if it wasn’t for all of that stuff being piled onto you by society, the good old patriarchy, your friends, your family and really…yourself. 

Are you ready?

Because I am! 

I’m ready to work with you. 

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I’m ready to give you the tools to see a true reflection of the true beauty of taking up the space that has always existed for you. It's just waiting for you to step in to it. 

I’m not going to pretend, sometimes this business of being ourselves is hard. It’s personal work but good god, the reward is the most freeing feeling in the world. That of being accepted and loved exactly as we are. 

The power of that self assurance as we move into our businesses, our relationships, our experience of being women in a world that wasn't created with us in mind is enormous.

We can truly be exactly what we've always imagined.

Whatever we want to achieve - more time, more money, more freedom, less stress, less stuff.

Whatever your personal desire is. Done. 

All by doing the work on accepting yourself as you are.

On claiming your space in the world, the space only you can fill. It’s utter magic and it gives me goose bumps, tears in my eyes, butterflies in my tummy just to write it all down let alone to be any small part of you experiencing it. That bit blows my mind! The magic that comes with unleashing the true you on the world exactly as you are, that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. 

That person you wish you could just be, you could genuinely, actually become - seriously. Because honestly it's all choices. Choose to or choose not to.

If this sounds like something you like to explore more join my Facebook group below for a multitude of videos and posts exploring all of this stuff. We talk about  feminism, money, making our own rules and creating our own freedom. It's business but not as we know it. 

Working with Ray has unlocked the me that’s always been fighting to get out. Ray has given me confidence and clarity that I have been craving for so long. I look forward to our calls, I can only describe the experience as life changing, everyone should have a Ray Dodd.
— Charlotte Jacklin, Betty Magazine
Ray Dodd, I don’t know where to start, but you are a beautiful kick up my arse, in the nicest possible way’
— Carmen Pagor
I’ve never felt closer to the person I’ve been waiting to be. In fact, I am her now - and it was easy. Ray asked me to step into it so I did. I stopped putting it off until I was rich, thin, pretty, cool, perfect, successful enough and just became her.

I take up my space and I finally say out loud the things I thought impossible because of nothing but bullshit handed out and handed down. I’ve broken cycles, leaned in and been more honest with myself than I have in a long time.
— Emma Brammer, Mokapot Copy
Ray’s uncanny knack of asking just the right questions at exactly the right time, and the amazing community of women she has gathered around her no-nonsense, down to earth approach to coaching, has really shifted some of the stuff I felt was holding me back. I feel freed up to try some new things that scare the living hell out of me, instead of being stuck and wishing I could just get over my self-limiting beliefs. Thanks to Ray’s guidance and the openness of the women she works with, I’m excited to see what I do next.
— Sam Maher