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Are you scrolling through the myriad of InstaMums smashing it with their amazing businesses, beautiful houses and freebie-laden wardrobes and thinking 'How do they make that work?! I haven't showered for 3 days and my kid is currently eating some food they found under the sofa”.

Do you feel like you are treading water, getting the bare essentials done but never having time for more, despite desperately wanting something different?

Do you end your days frustrated, the bits you aimed to do that didn't get done today still hanging over your head. The stuff you started not finished in time for you to pick up the kids from Nursery/school or when they woke up from their nap earlier than expected.

Decisions still not made, ideas still not acted upon.

You know that you need more time, more space, but you have no idea how to balance everyone else's needs let alone your own. You feel like finding the motivation to make a change is just that step too much. You'll be ok, just ticking a long.

Except, it nags at you. The feeling that things are not quite right, the feeling that you could achieve more. But MORE! Seriously, you feel snowed under as it is.

But what if you could absolutely achieve more while simultaneously doing less.

Less chasing your tail, more effective action.

Less guilt, more certainty.

Less worry, more purpose.

That person you wish you could just be, you could genuinely, actually become - seriously. Because honestly it's all choices. Choose to or choose not to.

If this sounds like something you like to explore more join my Facebook group below for a multitude of videos and posts exploring all of this stuff. We talk about motherhood guilt, feminism, money, making our own rules and creating our own freedom. It's motherhood but not as we know it. 


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Finding The Balance: Nailing Motherhood + Business

Working with Ray has unlocked the me that’s always been fighting to get out. Ray has given me confidence and clarity that I have been craving for so long. I look forward to our calls, I can only describe the experience as life changing, everyone should have a Ray Dodd.
— Charlotte Jacklin, Betty Magazine
I’ve never felt closer to the person I’ve been waiting to be. In fact, I am her now - and it was fucking easy. Ray asked me to step into it so I did. I stopped putting it off until I was rich, thin, pretty, cool, perfect, successful enough and just became her.

I take up my space and I finally say out loud the things I thought impossible because of nothing but bullshit handed out and handed down. I’ve broken cycles, leaned in and been more honest with myself than I have in a long time.
— Emma Brammer, Mokapot Copy
Ray has made me pull stuff apart and and get inside and underneath it. Not in a pushy that made me feel uncomfortable, but in a way that has made me want to uncover more and dig further inside stuff. She has helped me get realigned with who I am, who I want to be and how I want to live my life and create a business that reflects all of those things.

I have renewed confidence, I am happy again, I am motivated and I am SO EXCITED by what’s coming up.

I am SO grateful, THANK YOU Ray.
— Rosina Sharrock Virtual Assistant