The Taking Up Space Event

Round 2

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The idea of taking up space is a funny one, because really it should be easy right? A no brainer and yet so many of us find it so, so hard. How can we show up in the world as we are and why (WHY!?) does it make our hearts beat so damn fast when we do. Why does it make our voices wobble and our head feel loud and buzzy. Surely showing up as who we are should be liberating and make us feel lighter. What’s all this fear about?

Embracing who you are in a world that is trying to make you conform is rarely something that comes without fear.

What will people think? What will people say?

What if I get it wrong? What if it all falls flat on its arse?

Oh god…what if I get it right?

How busy will I be? Will I be able to sustain it all?

What if I’m making all of this up?

What if I can’t handle it!?

It’s noisy right? And you know what else? When we allow that fear to rule we also block the flow of ideas, as well as finding ourselves stuck and incapable of taking action in ways that matter, in ways that work. We stop ourselves because ‘what if/how will it work/it could all go wrong/I should just stop and sit down’.

Fears like this manifest in a number of ways, two of the most common are inaction or quitting too soon. Telling yourself stories that it’s not them, it’s you. It’s all you, you , you. Not enough business acumen, not enough money, not clever enough, not eloquent enough, too emotional, too quiet, not the right sort of person for (fill in whatever works here). But wonderful human, it’s not you! It was never you.

Spend a day with me and a bunch of other incredible women who feel the same way exploring what lies beyond the fear, that will be our theme for the day. Feel the magic of what happens when we see ourselves and our fears reflected in the people around us.

Let’s give you a loving but definite boost that enables you to see that while the fear is never going to fully go (I know! I wish I could promise it would) we can learn what it has to tell us and why it is banging on so loudly about it. We can learn to not only live alongside it but harness it’s powers. Yep, that fear is there for a reason, and it’s not a bad one!

Because you are not an imposter and you absolutely can do that thing that you want to get done. There is genuinely nothing I want more for you.

Perhaps it will be the very start of something brand new, perhaps it will be a shift forward in something you’re already doing, perhaps it will bring clarity, perhaps it will bring something else, something you don’t even have words for yet.

This much I know, when we set aside time to get curious about who we are, when we commit to connecting with others pondering and experiencing similar things and when we show up and do the work, magical things happen. That is only enhanced by a room full of people doing the very same thing.

God I’m so bloody excited for this day!!

That moment when, as Ray describes it, you can feel your brain changing shape - when a big idea or a new piece of deep knowledge comes and takes root in your mind. And you can never look at the world in the same way again. I had a few of those at the event.
— Suzy Darke
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It’s not often you get together with so many like minded individuals. Still soaking up the goodness.
— Charlotte Croxford

What will the day actually look like?

I’m taking the spirit of the smaller events that I have run over the last two years and simply adding more of you whilst keeping it intimate. There are just 40 tickets available for this event. Expect a very warm welcome and to feel thoroughly included. Whether you are new to my work or this is your first time, my aim for the day is that you will leave feeling energised and even more confident in who you are than when you arrived.

Our theme for the day is ‘What lies beyond the fear’. The morning will include two gently interactive sessions led by me. Think less (or no) icebreakers and more chatting in small groups because I know what magic that brings about. We’ll explore issues like imposter syndrome, fear of what other think, fear of failure and that surprising beast - fear of success.

The afternoon will be spent getting deep with a panel of women to be announced very soon.

When is it?

Saturday 5th October 2019 from 10am - 4pm,

Where is it?

The Old Dairy, 71 Powerscroft Road, London, E5 OPT (scroll down for how to get there)

Grab your ticket below…

All tickets are non-refundable, any transfers will need to be arranged privately between parties.

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Ray really has a knack for bringing together incredible groups of women who you meet, and you’re like ‘yeah, man, these are my people,’ and this group feels like a safe space to share our, sometimes very personal stories...It really feels like everyone is rooting for each other, and I think that’s really rather wonderful


Can I come on my own? It makes me nervous.

I hear you, if I wasn’t running the event I would be nervous too. It is so, so important to me that people feel welcome and included at my events. I have been to too many that felt cliquey and impenetrable. I always ask at the beginning of any event I do that everyone keep an eye out for anyone who may be on the outskirts, plus I have a team of helpers who have been tasked to help include people. At the first event I scanned around the room and number of times to check everyone had someone to talk to and saw no one on their own. The people who come to my stuff are always so, so inclusive and friendly.

I don’t have a business, is the event for me?

Are you planning one? If the idea of running your own business is something that appeals to you then absolutely yes. Equally if you’re freelance or working absolutely! I wish I had know half of this stuff when I launched my first business rather than having to scramble around after the fact.

I’ve been running my business for ages, will the event be suitable for me?

Yes, the event is about continuing to grow into who we are and addressing the fear that comes alongside that. I think that’s a lifelong pursuit.

Are babies welcome?

Babes in arms are 100% welcome. The event is not suitable for mobile children.

I think feelings/feminism/honesty/inclusivity are nonsense, will I like the event?

Honestly, I’m probably not your girl.

Getting there…


The 242 bus route to Homerton Hospital runs right past the door, conveniently linking Hackney Central, Dalston Junction or even Liverpool Street Stations to the venue.

If you have any mobility issues or concerns about access to this event, please contact us so that we can help make arrangements for you.