The Magic Of Recognising Your Worth + Charging For It Confidently

(AKA The Money E Course)

This course is now closed. It will reopen in 2020. To sign up to the waiting list click here.

Nothing Changed my life more in 2018 than this E Course
— Caishnah Begg

Are you done?

Done with not earning what you had hoped that month. But more than that, done with panicking about it, with not knowing where to turn and never seeing things change.

Perhaps you are nowhere near where you want to be? You offer stuff out, you have plans, but the money just doesn't come in the amounts you'd like it to, if at all.

Maybe you feel trapped and like you’re missing a trick? Find yourself wondering how other people do it? This money stuff feels lonely. You just don’t know where to start.

Or is it the pricing you struggle with? What's too much and what's too little? Maybe you should just offer it for free? At least until you're better at it, or more established, or have more of a plan...

And then there's the sales. Asking for sales makes you feel a bit like you might vomit. Actually, very much like you might vomit.

You'd love to earn more, to contribute more to the family finances, perhaps to enable your partner to work less, or pay for that holiday.

But it just doesn't feel possible. Money feels like it just wasn’t created for you, or maybe you weren’t created for it. You are already over run with work and life and deadlines and, and, and. How could you possibly earn more money? You can't fit in any more.

Maybe you have a tonne of followers and despite that seemingly being the holy grail, you still can't bring yourself to sell stuff to your audience, or when you do nobody bites?

Or perhaps your following is small and that feels like a barrier? A barrier it will take far too long to overcome. You have to have 1000s of followers before you can make any real money, right?

I’m a big believer that building a business that reflects you and what’s important to you can absolutely bring in the money.

And I’m proof that you don’t always need a big following to make this stuff work.

But more than all of that, I believe that there is power in conversations about money, in unpicking where all of these muddled thoughts and beliefs come from. In recognising that women have been set up to fail at this from the very beginning.

And most importantly, in claiming our power back when it comes to money, in pulling our heads out of the sand, in acknowledging what we truly want and committing to figuring this shit out. We can change the actual world!

This is a course about releasing you to be you.

To allow yourself to earn the money YOU want to earn, which in turn will allow you to live the life you want to live. Whether that is a life of champagne and amazing holidays, or a life of charitable donations and investment (and of course it can be all of those things if that's what you would like).

And oh this course, THIS COURSE!!!

I want to be very clear when I say this. This is NOT an instant fix.

This is not a ‘make 6 figures in 1 week’ e course. I have little to no opinions on what you should be earning.

But I do feel very strongly that as women, we need and deserve to be earning the money we want to earn. I have a lot of opinions on that.

Currently 50% of the world's wealth is held by 1% of the worlds population. ONE PERCENT! I want to see more empathetic, wonderful women taking ownership of some of that money. And spending it in ways that change the actual world and our experience of it.

Women who are concerned with how they spend that money, who want to make choices that benefit the world. Hearing about woman after woman who do not have the financial ability to live the lives they want to breaks my heart. Whether that's something as simple as owning their own home, or as major as leaving a difficult relationship. I want to see women claiming their piece of the money pie. And there is no reason why we can't. The power to change this stuff is in our hands. It’s in yours too.

Whether you want to work 1 day a week or 5, all the hours of the day or a select few, have a big team or work entirely alone, there is space for all of those things to involve the monetary rewards you would like to receive. It's time to think outside of that horribly narrow box that our womanhood so often places us into.

Sound good? Now, let's make that happen! 

Working with Ray helped me realise that I had been focused on lack of money and somehow felt like what I wanted was unattainable and that I wasn’t ‘the sort of person’ who made money. The mindset shift is ongoing, but I made a really solid plan of what I wanted and found it WAS possible. I more than doubled my prices and said no to work I didn’t want to do. The shift in my thinking around money has made a huge difference and I can see that the things I want are all possible.
— Laura Belton

How will the course work?

I will go live every week on Tuesday at 11.00am (UK time) in the closed Facebook Group and run through that week’s topics (outline below). That week’s work book will then be released for you to work from. We will all share our realisations and questions in the group.

Week 1: Money Foundations - Let's start to unpick where all this stuff is coming from - Why do we believe what we believe about money? Why do women in particular find it so hard to charge for what they do? What's stopping us from claiming the financial space we would like to? We'll be looking to release your old beliefs that are not working out for you and to help you see that when it comes to money it really is not you, it’s them.

Week 2: Money and The Patriarchy - That pesky patriarchy weedling it’s way into everything. We'll look at how we can be vigilant when it comes to recognising where those age old power structures are keeping us trapped in places we no longer wish to be. And how you can change your focus to make this stuff work for you, without compromising your values or who you are. We are talking about being an empathetic, amazing woman who earns the money that enables her to have the life she wants. Sounds alright doesn't it!?

Week 3: Creating Confidence Around Money - Many of us get caught in cycles of belief which always end with ‘What I have is not enough’. We find it so hard to be satisfied. This module is all about acknowledging what we do have and allowing that to be in charge, rather than focusing on what we don’t

Week 4: Making Money with Empathy - You care about people right? You don’t want to over charge them. You feel strongly that money should be thoughtfully spent. Me too! But I also feel strongly that your business needs to be sustainable for you too! How do we balance that, acknowledge our privilege (or lack of) and make a difference? We’ll explore all of that in this module.

Week 5: Getting Honest about Money - The importance of keeping our eyes on where we are going, allowing yourself to dream and own what you want to do and who you really are. This module is all about releasing you to dream the dreams, set (honest) goals, enjoy the ride and feel calm and confident while you're doing it.

Week 6: Asking for the Money - I mean...Without this one how can we really expect to earn anything? And yet, I bet for many of you this is the one that feels the most stretchy. How about we delve into that too? Release you from feelings of dread when it comes to selling your wares and charging for them confidently.

The course enabled me to feel empowered enough to let go of financial stories from my past and to move confidently into my financial future. The group continues to be a community that inspires and champions each other and creates an atmosphere of inclusion and judgement free support .
— Hannah Perkin, @veganperks and LIb Dem Councillor

What's Included?

  • 6 weeks of unpacking your beliefs and feelings about money - focusing on what's holding you back, how to propel you forward and free you up, to not only earn the money you want to earn, but to do it in a way that feels good for you. 

  • 6 printable workbooks to accompany each module. These ask the big questions and will help you reflect on how this stuff comes up for you as we go, helping you dig deeper into what you’re feeling and the impact that has.

  • A private, closed Facebook group, just for those of you doing the course. This community is such a special place - somewhere to truly share about money with honesty and without judgement. Honestly this Facebook group is worth the investment on its own! The longer I am in this business, the more convinced I am that figuring this stuff out, surrounded by other supportive people who are on a similar road to you is absolutely key.

  • A whole heap of support within the Facebook group itself. You will continue to have access to the group beyond the course. It will remain somewhere you can continue to unpack this stuff because let’s be honest from the off, money stuff is a lot and it’s going to take time.

  • Weekly live workshops from me, tailored to the topics outlined above.

  • A weekly Q&A, where you can ask all of the burning questions that have come up that week.

  • We’ll kick off is on Tuesday 6th August, and I’ll add you all to the Facebook Group on Friday 2nd August.

  • Because this is the third time I’ve run this course, I know how important on going support is, so I’m introducing a monthly video call for the 6 months following the course. This will be an opportunity for you to ask your questions and have ‘hot seat coaching’ from me, plus input from the rest of the group.

  • I’m also planning to introduce Quarterly Reviews with heart and soul! So we will be making plans for the months ahead, looking at what did and didn’t work last time and helping one another move forward.


  • A group coaching call for the first 8 to sign up. I love doing these!!

  • Access to my E Course - Journal Your Way to Magic.

  • Those of you paying full price you will get the chance to join the Taking Up Space Membership Community with no admin fee! Just make sure you pick the ‘membership’ option at the checkout.

  • Guest speakers outlined below…

Live Bonus Speakers in August 2019…


Money + Relationships

Keri and Nick Jarvis will be talking us through the highs and lows of relationships, when it comes to unravelling your money stories.

Keri and Nick are both Life & Business Coaches and Nick is also an accountant. Trust me, these two know money!


Money Shame + Spending with Intention

Money coach Talia Loderick will host a workshop covering money shame - what it is and how to tackle it. And how to spend with intention - in alignment with your values and goals.

Talia Loderick helps people who feel stuck with money improve their financial confidence and capability.

Previous bonuses that you will have access to in our course library include…


Paula Perry on Budgeting

Budgeting: 5 Ways it can Improve your life, with Paula Perry, Founder of You4Us.


Aligned Pricing Workshop with Rachel Isobel Weber

Rachel is an EFT, NLP, Timeline, Body Wisdom, Energy Healing and other Energy Psychology techniques aficionado!

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 19.35.28.png

Julia Day on How to Price Yourself

Julia Day of Independent Girl Collective delivering a workshop on pricing for us all.

Being part of this group was a total surprise to me. The very act of investing in such a way was an anathema to me. Now I know the phrase Scarcity Mindset, but it hadn’t occurred to me that’s how I was living before. The course caught me at a very low ebb when I was feeling totally scraped thin by just getting by. I really feel like it allowed me to colour myself back in a bit. I’m still tired, I still worry about money, but my mindset is totally different and I feel like I have the tools to make this ok for myself now.
— Emily Cooke, @goodthingveg

This course IS for you if...

* You are bored and frustrated with not earning the sort of money you want to earn. It's dull and you are over it. 

* You are ready to look at what is holding you back from charging what you're worth.

* You feel stuck and unsure how to find momentum with it all.

* You have money ambitions you keep secret from everyone else, because could you make that sort of money?

* Money and sales talk makes you feel a bit queasy. Let's knock that on the head shall we!

* You struggle to talk about selling, your products or the fact that you even have a business on social media.

Ray has created & nurtured the most wonderful closed group. A community, of likeminded women where advice & support is sought & freely given Crucially it’s a space free of judgement which is useful around the often thorny issue of money.
— Jo Jell

This course is NOT for you if...

* You're not prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable at times. Sometimes, no...often, the reason we aren't where we want to be is because we want to avoid emotional discomfort. This group will be a safe and supportive place to dive into that stuff, but if that feels too much for you then the course may not be for you.

* You think feelings and emotions are nonsense. I'm a firm believer that our emotions are our superpower. If that's not for you, no worries, but I may not be either. 

* You're happy not earning any money. That is perfectly brilliant. I work with lot of women who want to earn money in order for their partners to work less. Honestly to not allow women the same right is really bad feminism. There is no one way to be when it comes to anything. You do your thing. 

* You’re looking for a quick fix, or a promise of a certain amount of 0’s per month. I can’t promise that and I won’t.

* You are NOT committed to working towards creating an inclusive space. It’s very important to me that my e courses reflect the diversity of the world we live in, and while that conversation is often a flawed and uncomfortable one, it’s also one I’m committed to having. If you’re not open to that then this space is definitely not for you.

Being a part of this group has been a massive game changer for me. I’ve unpacked so many issues and stories about my relationship with money in a supportive and safe space. The guidance and advice from Ray and the incredible women in this group is something I am so grateful for.
— Maria Evans, @theteencoach

your questions answered.

Do I need to have a business to do the course?

No. We are going to talk about selling but that will include asking for what you want, so if you are a blogger or writer that week will be applicable for you too. Plus there is no better way to earn more money than to release the pressure around it, starting things off that way is dynamite.

What if I've got a business idea but I'm yet to do anything with it? 

Great! That means you can launch it with your money faculties far more intact!

I’m not a coach/don’t have a service based business is the course for me?

Yes! The course is for those with service based, product based businesses. There is a mixture of lots of different industries in Facebook Group already.

I have children and the course is over the summer holidays, will I have enough time to show up as much as I need to?

Only you can truly answer this one, but I will say a few things. This is a self paced course. There is no pressure to stay exactly up to date and there is no ‘getting behind’. Yes the content is delivered live, but the course is there for whenever you feel you can catch up. We also have a break week which many people use to get up to speed with the live content. Secondly, I ran this course at this time last year and many of the mothers who participated said it was really lovely way of carving out their own time over the holidays.

Got another question - pop me an email.

The course opened my eyes to so many things I hadn’t even thought about before! It has helped me to develop my self-worth, confidence and how I value my work, and to see what value it has to others. It completely changed how I see my work and myself, that my version of success is unique to me, and believing that I am actually capable!

The course really helped on a practical level too. I now have systems in place where I set monthly income goals and track my earnings - something I had never done in 6 years of self-employment! Budgeting and financial goals don’t feel so scary now.
— Fiona Purves

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