Taking Up Space: The Event

A day long event in which we plot our revolution! No biggie!

The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things, and see there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown.
— (Gil Scott Heron, The Revolution will not be Televised)

A day long event with me, Ray Dodd.

Taking the spirit of the smaller events that I have run over the last two years, I want to invite you to come along to my very first live event. Expect a very warm welcome and to feel thoroughly included. Whether you are new to my work or a card carrying member ( I don’t actually give out cards, but you get what I mean!). My aim for the day is that you will leave feeling energised and even more confident in who you are than when you arrived.

The theme of the day is a call to arms for this revolution I’m plotting. Because the first revolution comes not when women storm parliament, not when we have more female CEOs, not when empathetic women earn more and spend more empathetically.

It comes when we as individuals decide that all of that is possible for us.

It comes when we seize power of our own abilities and stop giving it away to every Tom, Dick and Harry with an opinion.

And that, you brilliant beings, is the revolution.

And I get that revolutions sounds lofty, and like a lot of effort. But I have seen time and time again over the last few years that actually revolution comes in the smallest of steps. It comes when we choose to put ourselves first, It comes when we make space to learn, when we question how we think and why we think it, when we tell our stories and feel heard and seen.

It’s a revolution of increments, a revolution of intention but have no doubt, it’s impact is huge.

So I want to spend the day chatting with you all about it, answering questions, exploring where we are with all of this, what holds us back and what we can do about it. How do we act in ways that our true to ourselves in a world that is full to the brim of opinions and how to’s. How can we find our space, claim it and take it up.

I want to explore this stuff with you all in a room together, I want to feel the energy and magic that shows up when we hear each others stories and we consider each others questions. I plan on this being a relaxed, collaborative event, born out of the spirit of the Day Retreats that I have been offering throughout the last year, but this time there will be more of you.

I want you to feel free to arrive exactly as you are, and leave knowing you are way more than enough and capable of more than you have ever imagined.

Ray really has a knack for bringing together incredible groups of women who you meet, and you’re like ‘yeah, man, these are my people,’ and this group feels like a safe space to share our, sometimes very personal stories...It really feels like everyone is rooting for each other, and I think that’s really rather wonderful

Tickets are already selling so get in there quickly if you want to secure your place. over 50% of the tickets have now been sold!

When is it? Saturday 27th April 2019 from 10am - 4pm,

Where is it? The Old Dairy, 71 Powerscroft Road, E5 OPT (scroll down for how to get there)


Ticket Options are as follows.

Standard Ticket - A stand alone ticket for the day £125. Grab yours here

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Standard Ticket Payment Plan - same as above but pay just £45 per month for 3 months. Get yours here.

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VIP Ticket - Dinner with me and 9 other amazing people, plus a goodie bag. £195. Just 4 spots left for the dinner so grab yours here.

All tickets are non-refundable, any transfers will need to be arranged privately between parties.

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Programme of Events

Session 1: Some of us know what we want to do, some of us are struggling to decide. All of us feel held back some of the time, many of us feel some level of scared all of the time. What is that about? And why is it affecting women more than men. I know many of you believe it’s your issue, not enough time, too much fear, not enough bravery, too much worry. But the issues we are facing whilst deeply personal are also utterly systematic. Here’s a sneak peek of the day - it’s not you! We’ll unpack what is holding us back together, share how it feels to be limiting ourselves and I’ll reveal some of the reasons we are not taking up the space we are so desperate to inhabit. Sharing this stuff is so powerful and with a room of supportive people around you I have no doubt that for many of us it will feel like a weight has been lifted.

Session 2: What is the impact of taking up space? I work with people every single day or want to see the world around them change. They are empathetic, kind and wonderful humans who believe that the world needs to be more inclusive, thoughtful and kind. They also believe that in order for that to happen something pretty radical needs to happen. What if what needs to happen is far less radical than we have imagined. What if we can shuffle their one mindset tweak at a time? Could it really be that simple? I think it could be. Will it be easy?

Session 3: Panel Discussion hosted by Ray. We’ll chat to women doing this stuff in real life, this will be a really relaxed and interactive way to hear how you can take the stuff we’ve talked about over the day and see it play out day to day. Our Panel Guests are the amazing Medina Grillo (@Grillodesigns), award winning interiors blogger, Tamu Thomas, Founder of Live Three Sixty, podcaster, clothes designer and mentor, and Mel Wiggins, Founder of Assembly and Freedom Acts. They are just the most amazing trio of women with very different experiences of taking up space and I’m so excited to chat with them and you about how this all looks in real life!


Getting there

The Old Dairy is very much what its name suggests. It used to house the dairy cows that grazed on Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes which begin just up the road. Found on Powerscroft Road in Clapton, E5, it is now an event space and shoot location.

The 242 bus route to Homerton Hospital runs right past the door, conveniently linking Hackney Central, Dalston Junction or even Liverpool Street Stations to the venue.

If you have any mobility issues or concerns about access to this event, please contact us so that we can help make arrangements for you.