Taking Up Space Online:

How to Get Visible + Not Hate It

Why does my heart beat so loud when I think about putting my thoughts out into the world? 

Why am I not quite myself when I do Instagram Stories, sometimes I don't recognise the person talking!?

Why am I so scared of what my friends and family will think? And what can I do about it?

How much should I share?

How do I build community around what I do?

Won't me being me put people off? I can be a lot!

I'm an introvert, will I have anything to say? Will it sap all of my energy?

How do I sell what I do without feeling really weird about it?

You'll learn about what is holding you back, how to move beyond the paralysis, how to get comfortable putting who you are out into the online world. And how to identify and connect with your people. The customers, clients and followers who will make your work an absolute joy!

We'll be talking about ways to grow your confidence and self belief, how to stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks, how to feel free to express your thoughts in your way.

And what will follow, I know, will amaze you! Not just a more engaged online presence, but this stuff will spill out into who you are, how you run your business and even how you show up as yourself in conversations, how you mother your children, what kind of partner you are. Becoming comfortable with who we are is more powerful than you can imagine. Because once we get this stuff sorted the other stuff just flows.

This is not just a course about gaining followers, this is a course about accepting who you are. 


 Let’s get started!

Bonus workshop - Master Your Mindset

Bonus mindset video


Week 1: Visibility for Womanhood Week - We'll be exploring why women particularly find taking up space and being visible online so difficult. From Feminism to our bodies and our feelings plus much more. There are many reasons that taking up that space can fill us with fear.

Video 1

Week 2: Visibility and Confidence Week - Will we ever grow confident enough to be visible? What if I told you that confidence isn't coming, and actually you don't need it? We'll also be looking at what boundaries we put in when sharing things online. How much of our lives should we show? What should we and shouldn't we share?

Video 2

Week 3: Visibility for Business Week - How can getting visible benefit your business? So many ways! Whether you run a products or services based business getting visible can make a huge difference in how attract the sort of people we want to work with, and how quickly they are happy to buy from us. You'll finish with an understand of how and where your business can grow using this form of marketing.

Video 3

Week 4: Visibility for Sales Week - How can we sell comfortably online? Do you struggle with feelings of illness and cringing when it comes to actually mentioning that people might need to pay you actual money? During this week we will look at how we can make asking for sales as natural as it is for an instagrammer to share a picture of their avocado based lunch. 

Video 4

Bonus Video - How to Run a Successful Facebook Group

Coming soon!