Taking Up Space Online:

How to Get Visible + Not Hate It


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How does the idea of getting visible make you feel?

Good to go or a little bit sweaty, a little bit shakey, a little bit maybe not today...

And yet we KNOW that social media is moving towards video, towards faces and most importantly towards CONNECTION. 

The effect of getting your voice heard and your face seen is huge!

But you've got caught in a cycle. Perhaps of not wanting to bore people with too much of your face or offend people's eyes or put people off with your controversial opinions, be too you, or maybe not enough.

Perhaps your face isn't one you deem acceptable for a screen, your voice to deep or too high, your thoughts too simple or too lofty. 

So you stay put, not to be seen. And inadvertently you feed into the idea that only certain women should be seen, the rest of us we need to stay hidden, invisible to anyone but a passer by. We are not good enough, we are not right. We are barely humans.


And do you know what! Social Media gives US the power to make that all change. No one can make us hide our faces anymore. We can choose to be out there. 

If you long to be seen on social media, if you long to be part of the online communities you lurk in, to share your thoughts, your feelings, your outfits, your dreams, your business, your passions, your message. Then this is the place for you.

Not so long ago I was struggling with all of this too. I know that seems weird because I'm forever putting my face out there but It's the absolute truth.

I didn't want to comment, I didn't want to speak, I told myself I preferred 'real life connections'.

And I want to share with you how I got to where I am now.

Being visible and using mindset work are the two things that have had the biggest effect on the the success of my business. The two things together are actual gold. In fact it's the only marketing I do, the only marketing I've ever done.

This course combines the two, not only will we talk about the 'whys' and some of the 'hows', we'll talk about those pesky feelings too. 


Why does my heart beat so loud when I think about putting my thoughts out into the world? 

Why am I not quite myself when I do Instagram Stories, sometimes I don't recognise the person talking!?

Why am I so scared of what my friends and family will think? And what can I do about it?

How much should I share?

How do I build community around what I do?

Won't me being me put people off? I can be a lot!

I'm an introvert, will I have anything to say? Will it sap all of my energy?

How do I sell what I do without feeling really weird about it?


How about we explore all of this and so much more over 4 weeks together? 

You'll learn about what is holding you back, how to move beyond the paralysis, how to get comfortable putting who you are out into the online world. And how to identify and connect with your people. The customers, clients and followers who will make your work an absolute joy!

We'll be talking about ways to grow your confidence and self belief, how to stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks, how to feel free to express your thoughts in your way.

And what will follow, I know, will amaze you! Not just a more engaged online presence, but this stuff will spill out into who you are, how you run your business and even how you show up as yourself in conversations, how you mother your children, what kind of partner you are. Becoming comfortable with who we are is more powerful than you can imagine. Because once we get this stuff sorted the other stuff just flows.

This is not just a course about gaining followers, this is a course about accepting who you are. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 16.47.48.png
The thought of being visible and sharing myself online was so cringey I could not imagine doing it , let alone enjoying it. I’ve only just started out and I’m feeling more confident as I go. I’m delighted that the engagement I’m having online is now authentic and rewarding
— Katy Lockey, @milkandmoon

What's Included?

* 4 weeks of focusing on getting you confident and excited about being visible in your business. 

* 4 Videos from me tailored to the topics outlined below.

* A whole heap of support in between with the Facebook group itself.

* Weekly challenges to enable you to truly engage your audience.

* A workbook to work through the stuff that comes up for you as we go, trust me this is going to be much more than a pure business course! The side effects on the rest of your life can be surprising and amazing.

*Life time access to the course and any updates I make!

* Bonus session - Mindset Magic - How to make this stuff happen with ease! A bonus workshop in which we'll be building the foundations from the very beginning talking about how to feel in control of that amazing brain of yours. How to let it do it's job without it getting in the way of you doing yours. 

* Bonus session on How to Run a Successful Facebook Group (that makes you money and saves you time).


All my adult life I hated the sound of my voice and how I looked. I would never do Skype calls and I couldn’t bear to be photographed. During my first video call with Ray, I held my phone at a ridiculous angle in the hope that I couldn’t be seen so clearly! That first call was a HUGE step towards the confident visible person that I have now become. Working with Ray I realised my value and how my passion for what I do needs to be shared. I now happily go live in my own Facebook Group & on instagram (and I love it!) to share advice & suggestions with parents
— Julie Bevan, @dotkids


How will the course work?

Week 1: Visibility for Womanhood Week - We'll be exploring why women particularly find taking up space and being visible online so difficult. From Feminism to our bodies and our feelings plus much more. There are many reasons that taking up that space can fill us with fear. We'll chat about it and dig into it. Really uncovering what is true for you and what you can do about it.

Week 2: Visibility and Confidence Week - Will we ever grow confident enough to be visible? What if I told you that confidence isn't coming, and actually you don't need it? We'll also be looking at what boundaries we put in when sharing things online. How much of our lives should we show? What should we and shouldn't we share?

Week 3: Visibility for Business Week - How can getting visible benefit your business? So many ways! Whether you run a products or services based business getting visible can make a huge difference in how attract the sort of people we want to work with, and how quickly they are happy to buy from us. You'll finish with an understand of how and where your business can grow using this form of marketing.

Week 4: Visibility for Sales Week - How can we sell comfortably online? Do you struggle with feelings of illness and cringing when it comes to actually mentioning that people might need to pay you actual money? During this week we will look at how we can make asking for sales as natural as it is for an instagrammer to share a picture of their avocado based lunch. 

Working with Ray to increase my visibility and become the face of my business has been transformative. I love the connection I have with my audience and the opportunities that have come my way since I have been more visible.
— Charlotte Jacklin, @Bettymagazine

This course IS for you if...

* You want to master visibility and further your feelings of confidence in it. You want it all to come effortlessly to you.

* You feel like you are not quite yourself online, if you feel like there is something holding you back,

* You feel you have stuff to say that you'd like to be heard but struggle to find the words or confidence to share it. If you re edit your comments/blog posts over and over again then this is the place to be. 

* If you watch other people on YouTube/Facebook Lives/Instagram Stories and think "I wish I was the sort of person who did that'. I'm here to say you are! Let's get it done!

* You struggle to talk about selling, your products or the fact that you even have a business on social media. 

This course is NOT for you if...

* You do not know how to find Instagram Stories on your phone. While I'm happy to answer some technical questions in the Facebook group, this is not a technical course. This is a course about growing your confidence and uncovering who you are online.

* You are completely happy not being visible. Amazing! Go you!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 16.48.13.png
At the beginning of my work with Ray, I was very close to being unable to have a video call introduction with her. Yet just a few months down the path, video calls and Instagram Stories are some of the things that make me happiest and I’m even planning on integrating them into my business.
— Kitty Forrest, @kit_forrest_


Some questions answered.

Do I need to have a business to do the course?

No. We are going to talk about selling but that will include asking for what you want, so if you are a blogger or writer that week will be applicable for you too.

What if I've got a business idea but I'm yet to do anything with it?

Getting your visibility sorted before you launch your business is a great plan! Whether you start a Facebook group using all you've learnt and test the waters with it, or grow a targeted Instagram following. This is foundational stuff for whatever you then move into.

Got another question - pop me an email.



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