Power Coaching Calls

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Do you want to feel effective, charged and excited?

Carve out time for yourself to hear your thoughts and feel real clarity as to where you, your business and your family are heading?

Is something nagging at you? An idea perhaps or maybe just a general feeling of is this it? Are you starting this new academic year full of plans? Or are you starting thinking something has to change because you feel like you are just going round in circles.

You know that you need more time, more space, but you have no idea how to balance everyone else's needs let alone make time for your own. And if you're really honest your not even sure what you need anymore, the noise of everyone else's wants is drowning yours out. 

You wonder if you should just leave it, you'll get to it at another time. 

Except, it's still nagging at you. 

The feeling that things are not quite right, the feeling that you could achieve more. But MORE! Seriously, you feel snowed under as it is. But what if you could absolutely achieve more, what if you just haven't quite found your balance yet. And what if I told you that it's not time that's the issue, in the kindest possible way, it's you.

Before you start to feel guilty, let's reframe that. If it's you then you have the power to change it, the power to control and decide where and what you are doing. The power to decide how you respond in each and every situation. 

Wouldn't that feel amazing?

Less chasing your tail, more effective action.
Less guilt, more certainty.
Less worry, more purpose.

That person you wish you could just be, you could genuinely, actually become - seriously. Because honestly it's all choices. Choose to or choose not to.

How about we have a chat? 60 minutes of just you and me. I'll listen to everything you have to say about where you are at, really see you as you are right now.

How about I light a fire under your bum? Give you the beginnings of a strategy, direction and a plan. Give you some mindset tricks to set you on the right path and some honest insight into what is happening for you right now.

I'll get you to imagine how things could be, the time you spend alone, with your partner and with your kids, the money you'd earn, the house you'd live in, the peace that comes with feeling like you are exactly who you are meant to be. 

I'll give you three action steps to get on with moving towards the life you really want, plus at least 3 mindset hacks to ensure this change is an actual one.

These calls are not just about words, we want actual movement. I'll check in with you a week later via email to ensure you're on track and raring to go.

These power coaching calls are mega! They are like a loving kick up the arse, springing you into positivity and action.

The Details: 1 x 60 minute call, recording of call emailed to you to for you to keep forever, 2 x email follow up should you need it.

Investment: £200