Episode 2: Failing Well with Leona Thrift-Ola

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Leona has been in the Indie Business game since before social media began. Her journey is an utterly fascinating one. We talk about her early businesses, the failures she encountered and how discovering this getting comfortable with what’s going on on the inside has changed everything for her.

We chat about…

  • Leona’s early business Lady Luck Rules Ok and how that ended

  • How to get back on your feet after failure

  • Taking risks

  • The impact of motherhood on Leona’s business

  • The importance of community

  • Discovering all of this mindset stuff

Useful Links…

Find Leona on instagram @Luckydipclub and @Indie_roller

Leona’s Facebook Group - The indie Rollercoaster

You can also find the podcast on…

Soundcloud plus more coming very soon.

Ray Dodd