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This membership community is all about connecting, inspiring and sparking women who suspect they can do amazing things, create the business of their dreams, live the life they want to live, impact the world beyond anything they can currently imagine, but…can’t quite see how yet, or don’t know how to get there, or don’t quite believe it right now.

And yet…there is a niggle there, an itch, an instinct or a feeling that this is what you want. You want to show up in the world as yourself, without apology, without compromising your dreams for the sake of everyone else. You are done with being the bottom of the pile. You are done with seeing everyone as more capable than you are. You may not know how you’re going to get there yet, but you know you’re done with where you are.

Because it’s hard isn’t it, when that spark of an idea comes we feel that flow, that energy, the tingles of potential. And then reality sets in. Where would I find the time? I mean, who am I to even consider I could be capable of such amazing things. So we put it all back in a box, a box that maybe we’ll get to one day. When we are more together, when we’ve gained more qualifications, when we have more time, more confidence…

Can I tell you something that might be a little hard to hear? That you you keep imagining, isn’t coming in the future.

You thought this was meant to be all inspiring right? So what am I on about?

Well, here is the thing. You, exactly as you are right now are already capable of everything you can imagine being and doing and becoming. It’s right there waiting for you to see it with clear eyes.

That is why you want to do it, it’s why that niggle keeps niggling! No E Course or coaching programme can give you the ability to do this stuff. Skills yes, but you lovely human are already worth as much as you can ever conceive of. You just can’t see it right now.

And actually this whole taking up space thing, this whole being who you are, acting on what brings you joy, standing tall in what you were created to be and do. It’s about way more than you. And it’s about WAY more than me, way more.

Currently our world is aching from being so unbalanced. The unbalance is a symptom of a top heavy society where only certain types of people get to take up space. We have too many white, male people of power in business and politics, we have white men making health care decisions for bodies that are not theirs and concerns they will never experience. The vast majority of the world’s wealth is held by 1% of the world’s population. And I can tell you that the vast, vast majority of them are not women.

As we step into who we are, as we set aside who we should be and lean into who we could be. Who we are, I KNOW that there will be a revolution that takes place.

Sounds like a biggie right? And so it should!

How many of us are not doing what we long to? How many of us are avoiding spaces in the world because we believe that we cannot live up to what they require, scared that we will not fit in. Nor do we have the confidence to step out of what we have always known, the tools to dull the noisy ‘why nots and what ifs’ that consume our brain and to really take that next step.

I keep coming back to this Gil Scott Heron quote again, and again "The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things, and see there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown."

And this is what I’m talking about! The first revolution comes not when women storm parliament, not when we have more female CEOS, not when empathetic women earn more and spend more empathetically. It comes when we as individuals decide that all of that is possible for us. It comes when we seize power of our own abilities and stop giving it away to every tom, dick and harry with an opinion. That you brilliant beings, is the revolution.

And that is where me and the amazing women of this membership community come in. We are the mirror that will reflect who you really are back at you. The eyes that see you as you are. Without the constant commentary of your life experiences, your family’s thoughts on you, other people’s opinions of you, what society says you should be, what you teacher’s said you could be. Because while we all have our own shit, we don’t have yours and so we see you. Often far more clearly than you do.

This is what I have learnt after years of facilitating groups of women, both in real life (or IRL as the kids probably don’t say anymore) and virtually. This stuff right here is my jam. Connecting amazing women, enabling them to understand the way in which their brains work, giving them the space to see those limits and restrictions they feel choking the life out of the life/business they wish they had, are something they have ultimate control over.

Ray is SO good at creating a safe environment within her group where you feel that you can share honestly and openly without fear of judgement or pressure, and that’s incredibly valuable. That may sound like a simple thing to do but it really isn’t.
— Gabrielle Treanor

I know that consistent support, community, expansive learning and reflecting are key, KEY components in becoming who we already are. In allowing that person to shine as brightly as they were always meant to. We’ll chat fears, feminism, dreams, goals, privilege (or lack of), empathy, successes, failures, money, a whole lot of emotions, and of course our old, ever present friend the patriarchy. All of this in a space where I will commit to always being as honest as I can be, and I will ask you to do the same. I have designed this space to become the wall that you stand on, the foundations that hold you steady while you reach higher, the place you run to when you’re having a wobble and you need a pep talk.

I’m in a lot of groups but the sense of that ‘Wall of women’ behind me in Ray’s groups if I start to turn back in on myself is exactly what I feel here and with all that you do.”
— Kitty Forrest

Believe me this group is such a special place. Partly be creating and facilitating communities like this is my very favourite thing! But also because of the secret ingredient - wonderful people just like you! The members of this group are the most amazing bunch of business owners, dreamers and entrepreneurs as well as those dipping a toe. Wondering if they dare voice the dream that keeps niggling at them. The one they hope to, someday maybe.

Honestly, honestly the community you will become part of ALONE is worth the monthly fee. But I do love to over deliver so of course that’s not all I’m offering!

For your monthly fee you will receive*…

  • A Facebook Group Community to share in and journey through all of the following together

  • 4 Monthly regular features

    1. Monthly Workshops with me on themes such as making fear your friend, setting goals that actually happen, failing well, cultivating self belief and so, so many more! Watch them live and ask me questions as we go, treat it like a podcast or catch up later, it’s up to you. and Monthly Printable Workbooks, with prompts to really unpack what is happening for you.

    2. Monthly Chats with Amazing Humans Who Know Stuff, from outside (and inside) the group itself. People who know their stuff in areas relating to the monthly workshops and beyond.

    3. A Monthly Q&A, ask me anything and I’ll come on live and chat it through with everyone.

    4. Monthly ‘Ideas Clinic’. Once a month I will pick 4 of you (you nominate yourself, so no pressure) and do a live call in the group with you. We will chat through whatever you want to chat about whether it’s birthing an idea, the practicalities or figuring out what is stopping you moving forward with it. And you’ll have the rest of the group to chip in too. It’s the perfect thing if you’re stuck on an idea, got a thought that won’t shift, wanting to think bigger or feeling a bit stuck.


  • Access to each monthly workshop and chat on the ‘members only’ area of my website

  • Access to our growing library of past group guests, past monthly workshops on topics such as goal setting, reflecting and failing well plus more to come.

  • Bonus workshops including selling with confidence, to visibility and finding the balance.

  • Early access to Early Bird payment options on E Courses, Coaching Programmes and Events.

  • BRAND NEW BONUS - 20% off my Clarity + Confidence Calls.

  • * As this is a new group there are some elements that may change if they aren’t working in a way that works for us all. I will always try and keep group members informed and as involved as possible in any decisions.

The help you’ve given me has been invaluable - my £25 a month is absolutely ring-fenced as a non-negotiable business expense!
— Katie Sadler

Plus…and here’s the biggie!

You will also get not one, not two but THREE of my e courses included!!!

Included in the community group will be…

  • ‘Taking Up Space Online: How to get visible + not Hate it’ = usual price £297

  • ‘Finding Your Space + The Magic of Claiming it’ = usual price £597

  • ‘Journal Your Way to Magic’ which is currently not available any other way.

That is almost £900 of E Course!

So good right!?

So good that I’m opening it up off schedule! I wasn’t going to do this until the end of February but I am desperate to share this space with more of you, more of you that I know will benefit in the way so many members already have. In the way I already have so, for the next 24 hours it’s open. There will not be another chance until the end of Feb/beginning of March. Get in while you can!

So…how much is it Ray?

£47 to join and then monthly payments of £25

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Ray really has a knack for bringing together incredible groups of women who you meet, and you’re like ‘yeah, man, these are my people,’ and this group feels like a safe space to share our, sometimes very personal stories...It really feels like everyone is rooting for each other, and I think that’s really rather wonderful
— Amanda Appiagyei
Being part of a community of brilliant woman has made me realise that lots of other people have a harsh inner critic like I do. That voice telling me that I’m not good enough, not clever enough, not worthy of great things etc isn’t exclusive to me. And if these awesome women can think those things about themselves that are absolutely NOT true, then maybe they are not true about me either
— Laura Jones

Our topics for the first 4 months will include

December - The group will not start in earnest until January, but rest assured I will not leave you hanging, no, no! In the last month of 2018 we will be taking stock of the year, identifying what has gone right and what we want to approach differently. You will finish the year with a real sense of accomplishment no matter how hard it was. Trust me there is always a silver lining, and I’ve had some bad times over the years!

Special Guest - Hannah Bullivant, on the power of reflecting.

January - We’ll be setting up the year with some good old goal setting. But these are NOT your average resolutions. We’ll be making plans that last by identifying where you actually want to be heading this year rather than where you think you should go. And we’ll be coming up with a word for the year too. I’ve done this two years running and I’ve found it absolutely transformational.

Special Guest will be Nicola Rae Wickham of A Life More Inspired, Nicola is a creative mentor and the queen of affirmations.

February - Our next step in setting up this first quarter of the year well is to focus on failing well! We are going to be discussing all the things that enable us to ensure that fear of failure is not holding us back. You’ll end the month feeling ready able to embrace your mistakes and all that they offer you.

Special Guest will be the marvellous Sas Petherick, self-doubt researcher, coach and mentor.

March - We’ll be talking all things Comparison. We are going to be opening up the entire world to you, and chatting about why what each of us offers is so, so important. Let’s really spend time creating business that support one another, rather than focusing on what we feel like others do better than us.

Special Guest - Lucy Sheridan, The worlds first Comparison Coach.

More details to follow on the next 3 months…

April - We will be focusing on time. How to create it from nothing.

May - How judging others is a major part of holding us back from who we want to be and how we want our businesses to look.

June - Getting visible for our business and beyond.

This membership group is for you if:

You are ready to move forward. You may feel lost, stuck or feel like you've lost motivation, you may feel dissatisfied with where you are in work or your life (or both). We'll look at some of the scientific, personal, and cultural reasons that that may be happening and clear some space so that you have clarity in moving onwards.

You are prepared to open yourself up. I ask that those I work with come with an open mind and are prepared to reserve judgement towards the other members of the group. If you are trusting me with your vulnerability I take that very seriously. This group will be a safe space for all involved, that is pretty much my top priority.

You are ready to invest in yourself. So many issues that I see amongst the women I work with are born out of a lack of investing in themselves, whether that's with time or money. Often when my clients invest in courses with me they see changes in their life immediately, when we haven't even started yet! All they've done is commit and invest! Have I mentioned it's like magic?


This group is not for you if...

* You're not prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable at times. Sometimes, no...often, the reason we aren't where we want to be is because we want to avoid emotional discomfort. This group will be a safe and supportive place to do that.

* You think feelings and emotions are nonsense. I'm a firm believer that our emotions are our superpower. If that's not for you, no worries, but I may not be either. 

Ray’s groups has felt like an anchor for me at a point where I was really drifting. A space where I can be honest in safety, where I don’t feel alone on the crap days. They’ve built me up, empowered and inspired me. Sometimes the support of strangers is more powerful than support from those that love you.
— Rachel Martin, @rachel_thecareercoach

Some questions and concerned answered.

How does this differ from your free Facebook Group?

Aside from the access to E Courses which are foundational to much of the work I do, the membership group also gives me the time and space to work far more closely with it’s members. I am able to be responsive to the needs of those in the group, go live in answer to your questions and offer increased, far more personalised support. The themes are also considered in advance so that I can take you on a journey and focus on each topic at a time. In essence they are two very different beasts!

Do I need to have a business to do join the membership group?

No. Much of what we talk about will be relevant if you more traditionally employed. However there will be a focus on running or starting your business, if you are not working, and have no desire to ever do so you may find my free Facebook group is more relevant to you.

What if I've got a business idea but I'm not ready to do anything with it? 

Perfect! I’ve lost count of the amount of clients who have said they wished they knew this stuff from the very beginning. Getting your foundations in order as you prepare to launch your business, or while the idea is still coming together is a very good idea. Plus the support of the group will be key!

I’m just not sure I can afford £25 a month…

Only you can decide this one. But I cannot emphasise enough the difference investing in yourself and your business can make in what you feel you are able to achieve. If the group is something you’re interested in then making a commitment like this, setting the intention that you mean literal business is not something to underestimate.

The community has given me a chance to share some deeply personal feelings that I’ve started to uncover during this course, it’s felt like a safe space to be completely honest without fear of judgement and has been nothing but supportive. Reading posts from other women sharing similar feelings and realisations has been an eye opener - it’s reassuring to know that it’s not just me that has these negative thoughts and self-doubts.
— Deanne Bowman
Ray’s uncanny knack of asking just the right questions at exactly the right time, and the amazing community of women she has gathered around her no-nonsense, down to earth approach to coaching, has really shifted some of the stuff I felt was holding me back. I feel freed up to try some new things that scare the living hell out of me, instead of being stuck and wishing I could just get over my self-limiting beliefs. Thanks to Ray’s guidance and the openess of the women she works with, I’m excited to see what I do next.
— Sam Maher

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