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Make sure you join the Taking Up Space Membership Community Facebook Group - it’s the soul of this whole thing! There you’ll find…

  • Monthly workshops

  • Printable workbooks with prompts to really unpack what is happening for you

  • Monthly chats with amazing humans who know their stuff

  • A monthly Q&A,

  • Opportunities for ‘laser coaching’ in our Monthly Ideas Clinic

    Coming in february - How to Fail 

  • Monday 4th, 11:00am - Monthly Workshop: Embracing Failure

  • Tuesday 12th, 10am - Ideas Clinic Live

  • Thursday 21st, 11am - Chat with Sas Petherick. Failure and Self Doubt

  • Thursday 28th, 2pm - Live Q&A

Your membership also includes…

  • Access to an archive of the Monthly Workshops which are delivered live in the Facebook group. These normally happen on the 1st Monday of the month.

  • Access to an archive of the Monthly Chats.

  • Early access to Early Bird payment options on E Courses, Coaching Programmes and Events.

  • Access to the following E Courses below. Simply click the link to visit each one.

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Finding Your Space + the Magic of Claiming it


How to Take Up Space Online + Not Hate it

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