The Claim Your SPace Group Course 


The value of having this group of women is immeasurable - to share advice, experience and energy. To let us all know that we are not alone - that we have a support, a safe space, as well as cheerleaders pushing us forward. And with the so very wise Ray at the helm, I’m fairly sure we can achieve anything
— Jess Martin, One Flew Over

Are you serious about making a go of your business?

Are ready to really look at what is holding you back?

Are you sick of not earning the money you want to earn?

Are you bored of not being absolutely you in your business?

Are you looking for that utter joy that comes with claiming your space in the world?

Do you want the confidence to truly claim that without worrying about what the world thinks of you?

You want to feel that ease you've heard other people talk about.

You want it to all feel magical, you want to feel like you're smashing this whole business thing. But that's not realistic is it?

You're overwhelmed with stuff to do as it is. Sorting it all out, launching that idea, operating at full capacity feels like a lot to take on with all the stuff you have to keep up with.

But what if I told you that you could have that stuff with ease...


Nothing in your life feels like it has ease right now, does it?

Let's get something straight before I carry on, I'm not someone who will promise that if you implement my special strategy of unicorns and stardust your whole life will fall into place. Nope. That's not really my thing.

What I do know is constantly apologising for who you are in the world is tiring, having to juggle everyones needs apart from your own is exhausting and feeling the deafening noise of overwhelm and indecision is down right demoralising. 

I also know that is doesn't have to be this way. 

My group coaching programme is ALL about clearing the noise that consumes your head. The stuff that causes you to get utterly stuck, like a confused headless chicken. It's about pealing away the layers of bullshit that have been layered on you by the media, by the culture around us, by well meaning (or not) family members. Those expectations and stories leave us drowning under the weight of them. Unable to hear our own intuition amongst all the things we believe we should be doing.

Because let me be very clear. The traditional business world was not invented by people who gave any thought to women. 

And it was only when I tore up the rule book of traditional expectations, chucked away the ideas I had about how running a business and whilst also being a woman should look, and found my own space in it all, that my business began to flourish.

And that is what I want to impart to you. 

I can't do that by making you like me, that wouldn't work at all

We can only do that together, by giving you the tools to uncover exactly how beautifully brilliant you have always been!

I would do this course over and over and over again for the rest of my life if I could.
— Katy Lockey @milkandmoon
I cannot say in just a few words the difference being in a group with Ray and the other women has had on me. Ray gives the perfect blend of unconditional support, non judgment and a good dose of gentle straight talking when needed.
— — Kitty Forrest, Contemporary Artist/Ideas Mentor
I end the course in a very different place to where I started. Transformed but also totally and utterly the same. Perhaps ‘revealed’ sums it up best. Having a group I’ve been so connected to has reminded me we all have that animalistic need for belonging, security, safety and acceptance. It helps protect us. Thank you for holding my hand women”
— Holly Sutcliffe, Writer

The Course includes...

  • A community of up to 6 women, to inspire you and support you.
  • Some homework before we start off so we can get that clarity happening straight away.
  • A Gathering - we’ll all meet up in person (usually in London).  You’ll leave with practical mindset tips as well as the next steps you need to take to move towards our big goals as well as your small ones. 
  • 12  x weekly Zoom calls with the whole group where we'll share where we are at, process stuff and I'll keep you accountable and on target.
  • A private Facebook group just for the 6 of you. You can share your journey and ask questions with me and the other group members. You’ll have 24-hour access to me and the group will remain for you all to make use of together.
  • Access to my E Course 'FInding Your Space + The Magic of Claiming it'. Yep that's an e course worth almost £500 for FREE!
  • Plus a bucket load of real honesty. 

I'm currently taking calls for this course for a September start. There are 2 spaces available.