Finding Your Space

+ The Magic of Claiming it

The E CoursE 

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I'm not sure how to do this,

I'm not sure if I can.

I want to own my space in the world, but I'm not even sure what it is

I can’t balance all of this

I’m so overwhelmed

I need more time

There just isn’t enough time

I’m shit at managing my time

I’m too tired

I need to focus on the kids/my partner/everyone else

I haven’t got the energy to make this as good as I want it to be

I don’t want to look like an idiot

I'm feel so worried about...

I feel so guilty...

It's a lot isn't it? All of those thoughts, going over and over in our heads, most of them we are not even really aware of. They just repeat over and over again, they stop us doing the things we want to do. Just living in our own brains can be exhausting.

That new business “there’s no time”. That moment of calm ‘ I really should just do this first’.

So we don’t try. We can’t.  Our brain wants to keep us in the comfortable space it’s used to. Except we, the conscious human being, are fed up with that place, it bores us, it’s not the right fit and we want things to change but those thoughts, those old ideas that no longer serve us, they keep us stuck.

Are you ready to do things differently?

Because those stories are trapping you. They are stopping you from living the life that you see snatches of. The life in which you are calm, fulfilled and moving with purpose. Where the struggle has eased and you can really rest into all that you already are.

Are you ready to step into who you are and what you can have? To really claim your space and to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be? The woman that really, you already are if it wasn’t for all of that stuff being piled onto you by society, your friends, your family and really…yourself. 

Are you ready?

Because I am! 

I’m ready to work with you! I’m ready to give you the tools to see a true reflection of the true beauty of taking up the space that has always existed for you. It's just waiting for you to step in to it. 

I’m not going to pretend, sometimes this business of being ourselves is hard. It’s personal work but honestly, the reward is the most freeing feeling in the world. That of being accepted and loved exactly as we are. Not by the people around us. we can't control them, but by ourselves. 

The power of that self assurance as we move into our businesses, our relationships, our experience of being women in a world that wasn't created with us in mind is enormous.

Whatever we want to achieve - more time, more money, more freedom, less stress, less stuff. Whatever your personal destination is. Done. 

All by doing the work on accepting yourself as you are. On claiming your space in the world, the space only you can fill. It’s utter magic and it gives me goose bumps, tears in my eyes, butterflies in my tummy just to write it all down let alone to be any small part of you experiencing it. That bit blows my mind! The magic that comes with unleashing the true you on the world exactly as you are, that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. 

For anyone not sure - this course was life changing for me. DO IT!
I’ve discovered how much power I have over my own happiness, and accordingly, I’m now happier. The course truly is magic!
— Eloise Rickman
You must do this course!! Ah-fricking-mazing
— Kat Goldin

The Course

A holistic course for women who want to really own their business and their purpose. Because none of it can be separated can it? From questions of identity all the way to time management, when you are a woman, running a business is a deeply personal thing. How much of your time and energy do you devote to it? Will your kids suffer without your full attention? What will people think of you? Will you have the time or energy to balance it all? How do people do all of these things!? 

We are going to explore all of that and so, so much more! And we'll do it with a good dose of honesty, feminism and gin. Possibly not in that order.

The details?

* Join me as we discuss 7 topics, unpacking them one by one to clear that noise that is keeping you stuck. Week by week we'll peal off the layers until you are left with a clearer sense of who you are. Who you've always been. 

* A workbook each week to work through the topics covered.

*Access to a private Facebook group with the rest of the course participants (and those who completed the course earlier this year - an absolutely amazing bunch of women!) Share your journey, experiences and questions with the rest of the group. This will be a smaller setting than my free group so perfect for any lurkers who haven't felt able to share yet.

* Receive lifetime access to the course. Meaning you will not pay for any updates I make in the future.

* Free Access to my ‘Journal Your Way to Magic’ E Course

Epic. It’s been bloody life changing. Not exaggerating.
— Emma Brammer
Can’t recommend doing this course enough. Not only do you get all of Ray’s invaluable advice which completely makes you assess things in different ways, but you get such a supportive network of women cheerleading you.
— Annelie Powell

 This course is for you if:

You are ready to move forward. You may feel lost, stuck or feel like you've lost motivation, you may feel dissatisfied with where you are in work or your life (or both). During the course we'll look at some of the scientific, personal, and cultural reasons that that may be happening and clear some space so that you have clarity in moving onwards.

Prepared to open yourself up. I ask that those I work with come with an open mind and are prepared to reserve judgement towards the other members of the group. If you are trusting me with your vulnerability I take that very seriously. This course will be a safe space for all involved, that is pretty much my top priority.

Ready to invest in yourself. So many issues that I see for mums are born out of a lack of investing in themselves, whether that's with time or money. So often when my clients invest in courses with me they see changes in their life immediately, when we haven't even started yet! All they've done is commit and invest! Have I mentioned it's like magic?


This course is not for you if...

* If you're not prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable at times. Sometimes, no...often, the reason we aren't where we want to be is because we want to avoid emotional discomfort. This group will be a safe and supportive place to do that.

* If you think feelings and emotions are nonsense. I'm a firm believer that our emotions are our superpower. If that's not for you, no worries, but I may not be either. 

Working with Ray has, simply, changed my mind and changed my life. I used to be limited by negative thoughts, belittling beliefs, stories about myself and my place in the world that went back years. Ray, and the safe tribe of supportive women she put together, has given me the power to move those mountains and create a vision for my life and my family I hadn’t known possible. I would work with Ray again and again, and know that every time would bring better results.
She is all the good things
— Ingrid Ngu, Dec + Dash Consulting


Need more details, I get that! I love the details too.

Here you go...

Week 1. Mindset.

Why mindset is the most fundamental part of launching or growing your business. Without looking at your belief systems around your confidence, money, visibility, success and time (to name just a few!) the subtle ways in which our minds keep us safe and small will always prevail. In week 1 we'll be exploring all of that. It will no doubt be a baptism of fire, but it will be oh so worth it.

Week 2. Patriarchy.

Does all of our indecision, lack of confidence and action have anything to do with the gender we ascribe to ourselves? Does it have anything to do with the gender society sees us as having? I'm going to say a big fat yes to that. We will be pealing off the layers that have been put on us through out our lives, and clearing some of the noise about the expectations the world around us has of how we 'should' be. 

Week 3. Confidence

Do you feel unsure of who you are or what you are doing? Do you feel like you used to have a brain? Style? A career? Now you feel like everything you do is for other people. We'll delve into not only where these feelings come from, but also give you lots of tools to both unpack your lack of confidence and to rebuild it. 

Week 4: Clarity

Unhappy in your current job and plotting your escape but not sure what to do? Want to push your business on but can never settle on a idea? Love all the things but don't know which way to go? 

Building on the work we'll have done in the 3 previous weeks we'll work on clearing your head of the noise and the clutter to start seeing those plans and ideas come to the fore. For some of you it will be a big plan, others just breadcrumbs for you to follow, but with my support and the group of amazing women around you - you'll be closer and closer to taking the leaps needed to feel calm clarity.

Week 5: Money

Oh money, you tricky beast. We know that women are paid less than men, we know that many of us struggle to charge for our services, invest in ourselves or admit that money is any form of driver for us. We'll be looking at the cultural noise around women and money, digging into what it is that you need to look at to start acknowledging your worth and earning the money you want to, whether you have big aspirations or moderate ones. The important thing is you leading the life you want to live.

Week 6: Time

This is one of the main things my clients speak to me about. HOW can they find the time? Our time is so full it can feel hard to breathe. We'll be looking at various techniques in time management, prioritising your time and focusing your energy on what you want to achieve, helping you to stop the feelings of overwhelm and ineffectiveness.

Week 7: Marketing

Marketing feels like a dry (and somewhat overwhelming) concept but if you're going to run a business people need to know about it right? We'll be looking at the way marketing is working increasingly in the online world and the way you can use it (plus everything else we'll have learnt along the way) to boost your business and maximise your precious time. 


PLUS a bonus week for the mothers in the house:

Bonus module on Motherhood: Are you the mum you thought you would be? Full of crafts and baking and jolly good times? Or do you often feel angry, touched out and guilty? We are going to be looking at some of the stories and expectations that surround motherhood. We'll be coming up with our own Motherhood Manifestos which will enable us to focus on what we want from motherhood - not what society expects from us. 

It’s hard to put into words quite what I’ve gained since starting Ray’s course. I could talk about the fact that since starting the course I’ve launched my first ever course (of which the first date sold out in just over a day, and the second sold out in 14 hours). That I’ve found the courage to start a Facebook group which is already having a positive impact on mothers and their families. I could tell you that I’ve found clarity around what I truly want to do with my life, and felt supported enough by Ray and the other amazing women on the course to be brave and go for it. That my relationship with money has started to shift. I could tell you that, and more, but none of it would come close to explaining the profound mental shift I’ve undertaken since starting the course. I’ve discovered how much power I have over my own happiness, and accordingly, I’m now happier. The course truly is magic!
— Eloise Rickman, Frida Be Might/Mighty Mother
Three months ago I was actively seeking something that would help me discover who I was and what I wanted to do with my life and my business since having a baby. Basically, I had stopped feeling in control of my life and could see no hope for things getting better.

From the day the course started, my mind started to change. Over the last 8 weeks there have been a series of little light bulb moments. Gradual shifts in how I think and what I do. It’s not always been comfortable. All these little shifts have resulted in a huge change. Now I hardly recognise who I was before. I have so much clarity and feel so much more positive. My husband loves my new attitude too. I am starting face my fears and take action on my business ideas, ask for more money and fully embrace all the things I adore about being a mum.

Ray manages to guide you through some pretty heavy subjects in a very soothing and uplifting way. One of the fabulous things about the course is the Facebook group with all these amazing, inspirational women. The feeling of everyone supporting each other and understanding your fears has been so special!

I can’t recommend working with Ray enough, and I’m so happy I found her
— Laura Belton,