Finding Your Space + The Magic of Claiming it

The E Course

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 Week 1. Mindset.

Why mindset is the most fundamental part of launching or growing your business. Without looking at your belief systems around your confidence, money, visibility, success and time (to name just a few!) the subtle ways in which our minds keep us safe and small will always prevail. In week 1 we'll be exploring all of that. It will no doubt be a baptism of fire, but it will be oh so worth it. 

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Week 2. Patriarchy

Does all of our indecision, lack of confidence and action have anything to do with the gender we ascribe to ourselves? Does it have anything to do with the gender society sees us as having? I'm going to say a big fat yes to that. We will be pealing off the layers that have been put on us through out our lives, and clearing some of the noise about the expectations the world around us has of how we 'should' be. 

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Week 3. Confidence

Do you feel unsure of who you are or what you are doing? Do you feel like you used to have a brain? Style? A career? Now you feel like everything you do is for other people. We'll delve into not only where these feelings come from, but also give you lots of tools to both unpack your lack of confidence and to rebuild it. 

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Week 4: Clarity

Unhappy in your current job and plotting your escape but not sure what to do? Want to push your business on but can never settle on a idea? Love all the things but don't know which way to go? 

Building on the work we'll have done in the 3 previous weeks we'll work on clearing your head of the noise and the clutter to start seeing those plans and ideas come to the fore. For some of you it will be a big plan, others just breadcrumbs for you to follow, but with my support and the group of amazing women around you - you'll be closer and closer to taking the leaps needed to feel calm clarity.

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Week 5: Money

Oh money, you tricky beast. We know that women are paid less than men, we know that many of us struggle to charge for our services, invest in ourselves or admit that money is any form of driver for us. We'll be looking at the cultural noise around women and money, digging into what it is that you need to look at to start acknowledging your worth and earning the money you want to, whether you have big aspirations or moderate ones. The important thing is you leading the life you want to live.

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Week 6: Time

This is one of the main things my clients speak to me about. HOW can they find the time? Our time is so full it can feel hard to breathe. We'll be looking at various techniques in time management, prioritising your time and focusing your energy on what you want to achieve, helping you to stop the feelings of overwhelm and ineffectiveness.

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Week 7: Marketing

Marketing feels like a dry (and somewhat overwhelming) concept but if you're going to run a business people need to know about it right? We'll be looking at the way marketing is working increasingly in the online world and the way you can use it (plus everything else we'll have learnt along the way) to boost your business and maximise your precious time. 

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PLUS a bonus week for the mothers in the house:

Bonus module on Motherhood: Are you the mum you thought you would be? Full of crafts and baking and jolly good times? Or do you often feel angry, touched out and guilty? We are going to be looking at some of the stories and expectations that surround motherhood. We'll be coming up with our own Motherhood Manifestos which will enable us to focus on what we want from motherhood - not what society expects from us. 

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