Clarity + Confidence Call


Running your own business is one of life’s greatest pleasures but it can also be incredibly lonely.

The highs are definitely high, but the lows can be confusing, isolating and long.

I designed these calls for anyone who has found themselves a little stuck on something? Perhaps a lot stuck.

You need ideas, you need some movement, you need to clear your thoughts so that you can see a way forward again.

You’ve tried on your own, you’ve tried to see it all from a new perspective, but you just can’t quite get a handle on things.

Perhaps the very idea of trying feels a little too overwhelming. So you keep going, keeping bashing away but nothing changes and you’re starting to wonder if any of it is really possible in the first place.

Are are desperate to launch your business but something is holding you back?

Perhaps you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you want to pivot an existing business. But you’re just not confident in your new plan.

Or you need to run some ideas you’ve had past someone who gets where you’re coming from.

Sometimes we don’t need a whole coaching programme, a whole E Course. Sometimes what we need is a face to face chat with another human, who is willing to listen and offer suggestions and ideas. Someone who will really hear you and offer an honest perspective.

Most importantly, someone who will enable you to hear yourself. Because more often than not, the answer to that stuck feeling, that feeling of uncertainty, is in you already. And I think you probably already know that. But accessing it, understanding it, truly seeing and hearing that answer is not as simple as we would like it to be.

That’s where these calls come in. 90 minutes to unpack, discuss and reflect on what is happening for you right now. You chose the topic and we go from there. It can be practical or feelings based it doesn’t matter to me.

Working with Ray has unlocked the me that’s always been fighting to get out. Ray has given me confidence and clarity that I have been craving for so long... everyone should have a Ray Dodd.
— Charlotte Jacklin

Ray Dodd, I don’t know where to start, but you are a beautiful kick up my arse, in the nicest possible way
— Carmon Pagor

What does the call involve?

  • A pre call questionnaire which will ensure we know exactly where you’re at before the call even starts

  • 90 minute video call between the two of us, I will record it and send you a copy for you to keep.

  • A follow up email from me detailing your 3 main action points and any other reflections I may have.

  • The chance to email me up to 3 times after our call to check in with how things are going and any further questions you may have.

  • The ability to book yourself in right away, this is the quickest way to get to work with me.


£247 (20% off for members of the Taking Up Space Community, please use the code in the members area (making sure you’re signed in).