5 Simple steps to Upping Your Income: Without being so busy you want to die a little bit.

Most of us will have been there at one time or another, or if we are really honest, pretty much always. That feeling that we could be paid more, that we really should be paid more. But how the actual do we get there?


1. Do you genuinely love what you do?

One of the quickest ways to kill your ability to make the money you want to is to not be fully on board with what you do. Our mind is a powerful, powerful thing. And if in the back of your mind (or perhaps even in the very front of your mind) you actually don’t want to get more work because it will just increase the very thing you dislike doing then I guarantee you will be sabotaging yourself one way or the other. By telling yourself stories about how it wouldn’t work anyway, or simply keeping what you do to yourself. Finding a thing you love is one of the quickest ways to make money. It doesn’t have to mean a complete change, it can be a focusing or pivoting of what you already do. But it does often involve a whack of bravery or some kind of leap. Follow those joyful feelings, you can trust them and they may well take you where you were always meant to be. This can take time to figure out and may not look how you expect. But shuffling there or listening to your instincts will make a huge difference.

2. Switch your brain into believing there is plenty

Worried about competition? About alienating people? About looking greedy? About people thinking you charge too much? Believe that you need to keep things cheap to appeal to the masses? Then you are firmly planted in something called ‘scarcity or lack mindset’. Put simply it’s the belief that there is not enough of something in the world for you. Not enough clients or customers, not enough sales, not enough money, not enough opportunities. If you keep your focus on what you perceive you don’t have, you will find it very hard to see what you do have! So start some kind of gratitude practise. I know this has become a bit of a cliche now BUT forming a habit of this kind will not only increase your brains ability to receive positive information, it will also alert it to how much good stuff you already have all around you. Countering that lack based pessimism. Plus it’s such an easy step! Don’t get caught in the trap of believing only hard things or massive changes can make a difference.

3. Get Specific

I cannot tell you how many people I work with who do not know what they want to earn, who haven’t calculated how much they need to sell to get there and have no idea about there outgoings. If we don’t know where we are going, it’s pretty difficult to get to where we want to go! Before you tell yourself that your goal is unrealistic, make sure you’ve actually looked at that goal! Now take a deep breath and go get your spreadsheet on.

4. Let go of the idea that making money is heavy & oh so serious

This leads me nicely to how seriously we all take money. It’s like every exchange is life or death. Money is simply energy exchanged between two parties. It says I believe this is worth X and in buying it you agree. Making money can be fun and light and exciting when we allow it to be. Allow yourself to dream about what you could offer, what would you charge, how many would you like to sell. How much money would that make? How would you allocate that money? How would it feel to see people using your products or services? How would it change things for your family to have that money? Really feel into the potential, allow yourself to get lost in it. Don’t worry about how right now, that will come with time and the right support.

5. Stop bartering or offering stuff for free!

I know! Hard, right - the free stuff always seems like such a good idea. I mean after all you haven’t done that training yet/been going very long/it’s a new idea/you could do with the experience. But every time you give something away you risk undervaluing what you do. When that happens we can find ourselves feeling resentful, even when we love what we do. Not feeling appreciated is like kryptonite to the joy I mentioned earlier. It also messes with the money energy exchange, because you are saying up front “I do not value this enough to ask if you value it enough to pay for it”. Immediately you are asking them to say this is not worth paying for. It’s not sustainable and it does not help you grow a profitable and brilliant business. Of course there are exceptions to this. You may choose to do subsidised/free places or ask people to pay what they can - that’s very different to offering everything for free. Equally there is a big culture of offering freebies to people on Instagram, I see that more as part of your marketing strategy which does have a time and place. But within reason. If it’s the only way you market yourself, or you find yourself resentful then it’s very worth having a re-assess. Give that stuff lightly and only if it’s bearing fruit.

If you want to get to grips with more of this money stuff, because there is a lot to it! Why not sign up to my 5 Days of Money Magic challenge, which kicks off on Monday (11th Feb).

Ray Dodd